Terms and Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy

Adam Pikusa ABN 20 232 482 167 is located in Far North Queensland at Forest Creek, I can be contacted anytime, replies will be made during my business hours.

The use of my services

My services can be used by anybody who wishes to complete their Australian tax return.

Times of day this site can be to prepare your tax return

You can use this site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, you will only be able to receive assistance from Adam Pikusa during his business hours.

Cost of service

The cost depends on the complexity of the tax return. The fee is payable on completion of the tax return and the balance will be calculated by Adam Pikusa based on charge rates for each of items on the tax return. Usually the cost is less than most other accountants, contact me for a quote providing your last invoice for accounting fees and copies of your last income tax returns.

Payment methods

I accept Internet banking and a deduction of my fees from your tax refund. Fee from tax refunds are subject to verification of your identity and validation of your estimated tax refund.

Identification required for new clients

Yes, I do require identification from you usually a copy or details of your Medicare Card and I reserve the right to request any further identification from you or relevant third parties to establish your identification.

You will also be required to provide your tax file number (TFN) and enter details of all relevant documents.

In case of a discrepancy in the data, the Tax Office may reject your tax return.


Information you may need to supply

Your full name, current residential address, contact details, and all details of any income and deductions claimed.
As an Australian resident you must declare income from all sources, in and out of Australia, including net capital gains received, for the year(s) of income in your tax return(s).


Where items are used for both work related and private purposes, e.g., car, mobile telephone, home telephone, computer etc, you must have records to verify your tax related usage claim. In addition, if you are an employee, your employer will verify that it was necessary to incur such expenditure in earning your assessable income. Further, you have instructed Adam Pikusa to prepare your tax return based on you being able to produce these records, if required.

You must obtain original receipts and keep them for a minimum required time from the date your return is lodged.  The receipts must contain the following details:

Name of supplier; Amount of expense; Nature of goods and services (noting the specific type of items purchased or expenditure incurred which you are able to personally record up to the date of lodgment of your return where not adequately noted by the supplier); Date of expense (which you are able to personally record where not noted by the supplier); and The date of the documents.

 Audit matters you further confirm that:

  1. You are aware of the procedures to follow if a document is lost or destroyed
  2. You may be required to verify any income or expense item noted in your return in the event of an ATO audit;
  3. You understand the Substantiation requirements for all work, car and travel expense claims under self-assessment;
  4. You understand that, for the purposes of obtaining “safe harbour” protection, it remains your responsibility to properly record matters relating to your tax affairs and to bring all of the relevant facts to my attention in order to show reasonable care; and
  5. You have read and understood the return(s) prepared by Adam Pikusa for you.


You must ensure your tax returns comply with current legislation and if you are unsure, then please ask me.


Refund policy

You will be required to negotiate any refund with me. Since there is no upfront payment or commitment until you have completed your return, the need for a refund is highly unlikely.

Security & Privacy

I use all reasonably known current technology to ensure your information is protected. Our information system is located in Australia in a secured facility. I do not use spam or personally track you and I do not pass on your information to any third party except the ATO. However if fraud or evasion is apparent or suspected then I reserve the right to pass on any of your information to any relevant third parties to investigate further.